office name Arkkitehtitoimisto K2S Oy / K2S Architects Ltd.
established 2001
Y-tunnus / Business ID 1733996-7
contact persons / partners Kimmo Lintula, architect SAFA, Adjunct Professor of Aalto University
Niko Sirola, architect SAFA, Adjunct Professor of Aalto University
Mikko Summanen, architect SAFA, Adjunct Professor of Aalto University
staff Matias Manninen
Sasu Marila
Mari Ollila
Juha Sundqvist
Petri Ullakko
Iiro Virta
Nina Vauhkonen
Juho Vuolteenaho
Keiti Lige
Matti Wäre
fields of work building design
project planning
urban design
exhibition design
graphic design
research and development
interior design


K2S has been a member of the Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices (ATL) since 2003.

Architecture: Our aim is to design good environments. The key concepts of our design principles are: functionality and clarity, experience of space, authenticity and making use of building heritage in new architecture. We will see to that all the requirements and expectations our clients, users, the authorities and the society have on us will be met in a satisfactory way in every project.

Services: Our aim is to produce high quality architectural designs for our clients within the given timeframe. High quality results are achieved by active cooperation between the project’s participants.

Practice: Our practice philosophy is to make sure that our quality standards are met throughout every stage of the design process. Preventing design errors in advance is the basis of our quality assurance. Therefore we apply principles and techniques that have been tried and tested to give the best possible outcome.

We are committed to our quality system.