The 110 kV switching station in the Pukinmäki area has been designed for the Helsingin Energia energy company. The building serves northern Helsinki and is located next to the metropolitan area's inner ring road.

The shape of this copper-clad building is derived from the requirements of the electrical installations and the orientation of the site borders. The facades are clad with a single material: copper. The result is a sculptural object that looks more like a piece of machinery than like a building.

The electricity pylon and power lines are an integral part of the design. The connections of the power lines to the switching station are protected by an overhanging part of the building, adding interest to the composition. The inner spaces are plain but rational technical spaces.

All facades are completely clad in copper, resulting in a monolithic appearance and at the same time minimising maintenance costs. The building's core is made of concrete elements.

planning: 01/2008 - 05/2009
completed: 05/2009

350 m2