The new Visitor Center is the new architectonic signature of Fazer village in Vantaa, Finland. The pavilion is the first object one sees when approaching Fazer Village. The entrance front of the whole area is transformed by means of landscaping. The large yet necessary parking areas are planted with cherry trees. From the parking area, the visitor is guided to the main entrance through a garden of different grains. The raw materials of bakery and confectionery products are strongly present in the garden.

A wooden cantilevered ceiling gives a strong identity to the visitor center. At the main entrance the visitor is welcomed by the café and the factory shop. A green room housing cocoa plants presents another experience of the raw materials in chocolate making. The free plan offers a platform for future experimentation of different concepts and product launches.

The new Meeting Center serves as an entrance to the existing headquarters and also links the Visitor Center to the existing office spaces. This allows an easy indoor access from the Meeting Center both towards the Visitor Center and the existing offices and factories, which results in synergy and effectivity in the usage of space.

construction 07/2015 - 09/2016

first prize - invited competition 2015

5100 m2