A family from Helsinki redeemed a seaside plot for a summer cottage on the island of Lepäinen in Uusikaupunki in the beginning of the 21st century. It was a return to the roots of the family and to the familiar childhood landscapes. The plot is situated on the island's eastern shore. There is also a narrow rocky peninsula on the south side of the plot, with a view to the breathtakingly beautiful seascape.

The wooden buildings are located so that they together with the terrain and old pines form a rich spatial experience. The architecture is consciously simple, referring to the Finnish building tradition.

The path to the main building leads beside an old pine towards an open living space, which divides the building volume into smaller parts. The pitched roof unifies the building together into one cohesive mass. The master bedroom is situated in the southern end of the building, while the children’s smaller bedrooms are located in the northern end of the building. The small service building outlines the entrance courtyard on the northern side of the plot.

completed: 08/2009

client: private

97 m2


The summer house of Robert and Iija Horwood is located in Eckerö, on a rocky eastern slope overlooking a bay. The building comprises of two parts with a differing character: a hand-hewn aspen log frame and an openable glass section with a stud frame.

The living room, sauna and dressing area have a dusky atmosphere. The light changing along the course of the day brings the hand-hewn, untreated log surfaces to life. The floors are of oiled birch and the ceiling is lined with common alder.

In contrast to the dusky enclosed section, the veranda-type living area basks in sunlight. In the kitchen you find yourself amidst foliage – the seascape is very much present, too. The sliding glass walls can be opened in every direction.

The facades are made out of untreated aspen, which over time develops a beautiful gray colour. The untreated aspen, oiled birch and common alder of the interior warmly contrast to the silvery exterior.

planning: 04/2001 - 02/2002
construction: 03/2002 - 08/2002

60 m2


Sauna Sirola is located in Central Finland, on a narrow site between a lake with rocky shores and a gravel road. The V-shaped layout creates a private, sheltered and sunny ‘front-side’ oriented towards the lake and a protective ‘rear-side’ facing the road.

The building includes a living room, sauna and an outdoor recreation area in between. The individual units are linked by a plywood hip roof. Access to the building, supported by steel columns and hovering on the shoreline, is via a timber and steel ramp.

The exterior walls are made of rough larch that turns grayish blue with age. On the side facing the lake, the external cladding consists of slotted boarding protected by meter-wide eaves. On the side facing the road, the external wall, covered by widely spaced latticework, is tilted seven degrees outwards. The internal cladding is made of alder paneling and the steam room benches of aspen.

planning: 02/1998 - 12/1998
construction: 04/1999 - 09/1999

35 m2


The sauna made of stone is reminiscent of a glacier on a shore. The facade is constructed of stone shingles.

planning: 05/2002 -

40 m2