The Kaupungintalokorttelit project is a study analysing the current and possible use of three stragetically located city blocks in central Helsinki. The study was carried out for the city of Helsinki by a multidisciplinary team lead by K2S Architects in 2006.

The area in question consists of three blocks between the Senate Square and the Market Square in the old centre of Helsinki. It is surrounded by a large variety of functions serving tourists and locals equally in both mundane and sumptuous ways. However, regardless of the abundance of activities in the direct environment and its position at a touristically strategic location, the area doesn’t live up to its potential as an urban living room.

After executing a number of studies on different fields (including interviews, a commercial analysis, a historical evaluation and program studies), a number of proposals were made:

1.bringing in new public functions program
2.opening courtyards to the public
3.redesigning the lighting systems
4.rearranging the traffic situation, making it more pedestrian oriented
5.structuring the water front
6.introducing development process strategies
7.introducing a strategy for accomodating temporary functions

Together, these interventions aim to convert the area to a part of the city actively contributing to city life, welcoming locals and tourists equally.

see also: http://www.helsinginleijona.fi/Korttelit-muuttuvat/

planning: 08/2006 - 12/2006

client: city of Helsinki

40.000 m2