The future plans of the Olympic Stadium respect the history and the Finnish appreciation for the building. Keywords for the planning are: openness, human scale, support and interaction.

The facilities are designed for better and more flexible use of the stadium. The ground floor of zone A and the spaces on the third floor can be used for sport events and also for conferences as well as spaces for stakeholders. The multipurpose halls on the third and fourth floor in the eastern part of the stadium are also used as spaces for spectators. A separate VIP-stand will be located in the zone C. New elevators are added to the building and the staircases are refurbished.

New logistic and technical spaces are mined in the north and south sides of the stadium. A hundred new parking spaces will be added in the logistic spaces on the western side of the stadium.

The existing canopy will be extended to cover all of the spectator stands.

planning: 01/2012 -

36 160 m2