Rantakartano central area will be an independent housing area formed by seven new blocks.

The blocks define a distinct area with two different scales relating to the surrounding city. In the middle of these blocks a functional heart of the area is formed by a series of pedestrian streets and plazas, forming a new link between the old city and the lake shore.

The base level of the blocks consists of wooden houses of two to three floors. Each horizontal block is divided vertically into narrow houses, introducing the human scale. The street level inhabits cafés, shops, galleries and workshops, while upper levels are apartments.

On top of this base level the light towers erect. Their height is related to the highest buildings in the old city and their appearance is light and translucent – like lanterns on a wooden deck. The apartments always open to at least three directions, providing views of the city, the lake and the park.

New public buildings are placed at both ends of the area. On the city side, the Paasikivi square is redefined by a new art museum. Together with the existing concert hall and a historical museum the plaza becomes a cultural center of activity. The old bus station from the functionalist era will be converted into a cultural center.

On the lake side, the path leading to the water is bordered by sports fields, which will be connected to the already existing adjacent sports park.

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planning: 2005 -

first prize - open competition 2005

52.000 m2