Ylivieska Church


Ylivieska, Finland


Parish of Ylivieska

Building area

1533 m2


FIrst prize in open architecture competition 2018, completed 2021

The old historical wooden church of Ylivieska tragically burned down in 2016. The citizens of the small town were shocked and devastated. The local parish quickly decided that a new church building will be needed to comfort and support the community. K2S was selected to deliver the most suitable proposal through an open architecture competition in 2018. The idea was to reimagine the traditional Finnish church building and to create beautiful architecture with lasting quality. The simple and powerful masses as well as the calm and unassuming facades make the new church and bell tower a distinctive landmark. With flexible spaces, the building now combines the church, parish hall and a lobby.

The building mass is divided into three parts with gabled roofs – the church hall, the parish hall and the entry hall.


The ruins of the old church are an important functional part of the ceremonies and events of the church together with the new church, war graves, and the church plaza formed in between them.

The new church of Ylivieska forms a visible landmark to the urban surroundings of Kalajokilaakso area.

The church is constructed with a massive brick and wood structure.

k2s architects

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